Exhibit at the Nordic Outdoor Show? Here's what you need to know

As an exhibitor at MESSE C, you are in safe and experienced hands - we have more than 100 years of trade fair experience, and we love what we do.

 As an exhibitor at the Nordic Outdoor Show, you meet guests who all have one thing in common, namely that they use nature for experiences. It is Outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, anglers and everything in between who visit the fair. They will touch, see, feel sample and experience the exhibitors' products.

It is this interplay between experiences, visitors and exhibitors, who all have Outdoor as a common denominator, that makes this fair something completely unique in Denmark.

Friday, August 19, 2022
Saturday, August 20, 2022
Sunday, August 21, 2022

Vestre Ringvej 101
7000 Fredericia

Exhibition Stand information

As an exhibitor at MESSE C, you'll get, among other things, good parking conditions close to the halls, exhibitor cafe and highly experienced and smiling trade fair staff ready to help you.

These are just some of the things that is included when you exhibit in MESSE C.

Exhibition Stand Prices

The price includes stand walls towards the neighbor, as well as needle felt on the floor (anthracite gray) and wifi.



36 sqm and above: dkk. 485,- per sqm. - without build-up and needle felt.

Outdoor stand and Try Out stands

Outdoor Stand: DKK 150 per sqm - only in connection with indoor stand larger than 9 sqm built stand.

TryOut stand: 1x3 sqm stand. DKK 2,500 per stand.

TryOut stands are reserved for entrepreneurs and sole proprietorships.

Registration fee per. exhibits DKK 1,775

The fee includes press service, staff and exhibitor cards, entry in the trade fair catalog, and a link to the website.

The fee is mandatory for all exhibitors and is due upon return of the contract. In 2022, the fee will also cover 2 tickets for "bonfire fun" on Friday evening after the fair closes. (info available 14 days before opening)

Contact us for more information about exhibition stands, pricing booking etc.

As an exhibitor, you get a number of benefits in MESSE C

Marketing to your advantage

The fair will be exposed through advertising and press coverage in print relevant media and magazines, while online and social media come into play, so no one with an interest in hunting, angling and outdoor experiences will be in doubt that there is a new large outdoor fair in the spring of 2022 - and they need to visit.

It has to be a "hyggelig" cozy and social experience

As an exhibitor, it is important to present the product and have the product, service or experience demonstrated - and this also applies to direct sales to the many able-bodied visitors - but there must also be time to be social, meet and network with other exhibitors.

At the Nordic Outdoor Show, the exhibitors meet on Saturday evening after closing time by the fire, when MESSE C hosts a small event. Here it is possible to meet with colleagues from the industry in pleasant conditions.


100 years of experience and experts in successful trade fairs

For over 100 years, trade fairs have been the backbone of MESSE C and the enormous experience that the trade fair center has means that they are experts in all the elements that make up a successful trade fair. Therefore, every visitor and exhibitor is in great hands when there is a trade fair in MESSE C.

It is part of MESSE C's DNA to be innovative and that is why MESSE C is one of the country's leading exhibition centers.

MESSE C has a 33,000 sqm exhibition area to do well with, so there is room for most things here. This means i.a. that large international fairs, creative fairs, trade fairs and trade fairs are held annually in the exhibition center.

33.000 square meters in use. The danish corstruction trade show fair (BYGGERI messen) in MESSE C. 

Location, location, location

MESSE C is located right in the middle of the country in Fredericia and 80% of the country's population can reach it in a maximum of 2 hours.

Just 50 km to the airport in Billund.

There are lots of accommodation options in the area, which also offer delicious dining and exciting cultural experiences.

There are 3,500 free parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition grounds.

The railway station, which connects north with south and east with west, is within walking distance and busstops right at the door.


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For us, it has been crucial to create a forum where everyone who uses nature can meet and at the Nordic Outdoor Show, the framework is created for a holistic experience where nature is at the center.

It will be three fantastic days, filled with exciting activities, current lectures, and a cornucopia of products for hunting, outdoor and angling. It is this combination that makes the Nordic Outdoor Show unique and relevant for both visitors and exhibitors.

We look forward to opening the doors to the outdoor trade fair of the future for the entire outdoor universe in MESSE C, Fredericia.